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ZetaOne's Results Oriented IT Services & Consulting:

Complete Organizational IT Support

Your organizational needs are what matters to us, so we have configured ourselves to respond specifically to you. We have a full staff of on-call tech support and a wide range of mission critical services.

Offering complete IT services and support for your entire infrastructure. Whether you need 'on-call' type response to new projects or for systems failure support, or you need a full time, full featured IT department, or any level of service in between ... we're here to help you get the most out of your IT.

The best way to get started is to call (517) 279-9100 and set up an exclusive $99 ZetaOne Systems Audit. (see "IT Systems Consulting" on this page)


Web & Application Hosting

Our clients benefit from our ability to be fast acting and/or to have greater control over online hosting services.

To give our clients the greatest flexibility, we maintain multiple hosting facilities to accommodate different needs.

Basic domain control, website hosting, and industry standard firewall protection is all handled by our local, easy-to-reach staff. We handle the details so you don't have to.

Mission critical websites or online applications benefit from our redundant infrastructure, direct fiber-optic connection, and natural gas power backup hosting option. When your website has to work or you can't!

Even if you need multiple internet trunk redundancy, eastern and western U.S. power grid redundancy, and underground cave type hosting ... yes, we can do that too.


SPAM Filtering & Email Protection Services

We will stop the SPAM.

No more Viagra ads, no more pleas from banks in Nigeria, no more inappropriate content or
deluge of garbage that gets in the way of your day.

SPAM has become as big a threat to business as computer viruses. Run-of-the-mill SPAM blockers and freeware don't cut it anymore. You need an active 24/7 service that is scouring the net for SPAM sources and 'black-listing' them to cut the garbage off at the source. At the same time, the service needs to be smart enough to let all the good and important emails through.

We reviewed the available services and went with the best. Don't let SPAM hurt your business. Call us today and set up SPAM filtering for your whole company at one flat monthly rate.


Email Hosting

You’re the Human Resource Director at Smith Tech. Currently your email address is:

or even worse, your email address is:

Do you see the problem here? 

An address like ... ... is something you can be proud of. At ZetaOne we can provide complete email services, including professional domain names and a whole lot more.

You can easily manage your accounts by adding new accounts and deleting old ones, all a phone call away.


Website Design & Development

The term "Web design" encompasses a whole lot more than it did five years ago. New techniques and technologies are developed at break-neck speeds.

Regular attention to your web presence keeps your business current and relevant.

ZetaOne is here to help you wade through the techno-babble and get your organization in the game!

Check back. There's a new Website Design & Development page, including our portfolio Coming Soon!


Application Development & Business Process Engineering

Business Process Engineering (BPE) can have an exponential effect on an organizations productivity. An organization can cut turn around time, overlapping efforts, errors, customer mishandling or miscommunication, personnel training, and more.

One simple process improvement can have a ripple effect internally resonating positive effects to your customers. BPE can differentiate your organization from your closest competitors.

Business Process Engineering is at the core of ZetaOne and the reason ZetaOne was created. In our current, cut-throat economy, productivity and one-upping the competition can be the difference between a business's next great chapter and chapter 11.

UPDATE. Check out our newest system package for Advocacy Information Management "AIM" on our new AIM info page.


IT Systems Consulting

Try out the $99 ZetaOne Systems Audit.

We'll do an all-points inspection that would make an oil change service proud.

We start by evaluating vital systems like data backups and virus protection, then look at the overall health and productivity of your hardware & software infrastructure.

We compile all the data and return a full report to you pointing out any critical issues, short term needs, and longer term planning recommendations.

Plus! If you don't think the Audit Report is worth every penny ... we'll refund your money, 100%. Even better, if you decide to use ZetaOne for any services after the audit, we'll give you a $99 advance credit! You can't lose!


Web Content & Effectiveness Consulting

Does your site attract qualified leads that convert to paying customers? Do you wonder how some websites seem to sell products and services effectively while your business's site seems to languish in obscurity? Do you have a website but find yourself asking “why?”

Call ZetaOne today!


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